Hornet's Hide 11 - The Return




This cache was originally placed by The Hornet in July 2002 for a local cache meet. FTF was Robin & June Lovelock (see below).

When I made a maintenance visit in January 2006 the log book was almost full, and a little damp. I decided to replace it with a new one.

I will be scanning the entries in the log book and posting them here soon.

Within the pages of this logbook can be found the writings of many of the "names" that have been caching over the last few years. There will soon be links so you can see who's been here!

But first, I found an intriguing "Cache Visit Card" from one Robin Lovelock. It is reproduced below...

Explore the Navicache site... Visit Robin Lovelock's homepage Visit Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint site Visit Geocaching.com

Please note: many of the links on Robin's card are now dead, but I have added links in the card to those that still work...

  Hornet's Hide 11 The Return
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