Shrops 2006 The search for the Grail





This cache meet has become something of a tradition. The first two were actually in Shropshire, but the organisers, Lynn and Martin of Team Maddy thought it might be nice to have a change. So they chose a nice field in Llangollen.

The official cache page can be found on

I have started putting my stereo images in the gallery below. These are set out to print as 4 x 6 inch cards for viewing with the Loreo Lite viewer (some people will be able to "free view" these images in 3-D). I can supply the viewers at 2 each plus a stamped addressed return envelope.

Each file is 1200 x 1800 pixels, to print on a 300DPI printer. Many supermarkets etc have machines that can do this - just click on the thumbnails and grab the images that you want...

After the Hog was roasted, the King & Queen had been crowned and much intoxicating liquid had been consumed the MonkKing proposed a trip to the Abbey. The evidence can be found here