Belplasca's Geocaching web site



This web site is intended to give access to some of the resources that have come from the caches that I now maintain, but which were placed by other cachers.

The first item on the site is the log book from Hornet's Hide 1 which was the first cache placed by The Hornet on 7th March 2002.

I will soon be adding the logbook from Hornet's Hide 11 - The Return, various logsheets from some of my Central London micros and the logbook from Cara's College Cache.

The 2006 Shrops Caching Meet was held in Llangollen. I was there on Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd September. I have posted many stereo pairs here - follow the Shrops 2006 link. Warning! The main files are sized for printing at 300DPI, so they are quite large. They should resize to fit on your screen once they've loaded. It might be easier to view them if you make your browser window about 5 inches (125mm) wide...

The Stuff Tradition meet was held in London in January 2007. There are more stereo pairs for this meet.